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Taiga Helicopters takes pride in providing you with dependable service that is focused on safety at all times. Our impressive safety record is testament to the dedication of both our management and employees. We invite you to read the testimonial below and please feel free to send us your own comments regarding your experience with our organization. We look forward to hearing from you!


An Impeccable Safety Record for Your Peace of Mind

We are pleased to provide this letter in support of your company, Taiga Helicopters (1993) Ltd., whom we have collectively been working with for many years as your insurance broker, providing risk management and insurance support for your operations.

As one of the major aviation insurance brokers in Canada, we work with many operators of both rotor wing and fixed wing equipment and to that end, we have a very good understanding of what challenges can be faced by operators based on their losses and market reputation. We are exposed to a wide range of operators and we can confirm without any reservations that due to the way Taiga governs their operations, they maintain a very positive and exemplary reputation in the insurance market among Canadian aviation insurance companies. There are very few operators, especially those engaged in rotor wing operations, who can state that they have gone loss free for over a decade, which is the case for Taiga.

In light of Taiga’s commitment to safe operations and best practices, we can confirm that your company attracts a high level of positive attention from insurers, which is reflective in the amount of interest displayed by the various Canadian aviation insurance companies each year upon renewal. This positive attention allows Taiga to enjoy access to enhanced coverages under its current placement, and access to additional coverages should such requirements materialize in the future.

We thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Yours very truly,

Brian A. Julien

Vice President

Dulude Taylor Inc.

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